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フリンジ:FRINGE シーズン4

フリンジ:FRINGE シーズン4 全22話
主題歌「Fringe Main Title Theme」J.J. Abrams
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FRINGE/フリンジ〈フォース・シーズン〉 セット1 [DVD]FRINGE/フリンジ〈フォース・シーズン〉 セット1 [DVD]
アナ・トーヴ、ジョシュア・ジャクソン 他


FRINGE/フリンジ〈フォース・シーズン〉 セット2 [DVD]FRINGE/フリンジ〈フォース・シーズン〉 セット2 [DVD]
アナ・トーヴ、ジョシュア・ジャクソン 他


FRINGE / フリンジ 〈フォース・シーズン〉 コンプリート・ボックス [Blu-ray]FRINGE / フリンジ 〈フォース・シーズン〉 コンプリート・ボックス [Blu-ray]
アナ・トーヴ、ジョシュア・ジャクソン 他


FRINGE/フリンジ コンプリート・シリーズ [Blu-ray]FRINGE/フリンジ コンプリート・シリーズ [Blu-ray]
アナ・トーヴ、ジョシュア・ジャクソン 他


1話「第三の世界」Neither Here Nor There
2話「もう一人の自分」One Night In October
3話「共感」Alone In The World
4話「被験者9番」Subject 9
6話「時間」And Those We've Left Behind
8話「潜入」Back To Where You've Never Been
9話「黒幕」Enemy of My Enemy
10話「予知」Forced Perspective
11話「救世」Making Angels
12話「ウエストフィールド」Welcome To Westfield
13話「よりよい人間」A Better Human Being
14話「発動」The End of All Things
15話「愛の在りか」A Short Story About Love
16話「生まれ変わり」Nothing As It Seems
17話「正しい場所」Everything In Its Right Place
18話「顧問」The Consultant
19話「支配された未来」Letters Of Transit
20話「世界の崩壊」Worlds Apart
21話「新世界 Part 1」Brave New World, Pt. 1
22話「新世界 Part 2」Brave New World, Pt. 2

Fringe サウンドトラック収録曲(シーズン4



1. The Skill Of The Chase
2. A Protest In September
3. Born Again Fishin'
4. Where The Son Doesn't Shine
5. Don't Follow The Money
6. Shut Your Worm Hole
7. Enemy Of My Enemy
8. The House Of Forgotten Dreams
9. The End Of All Things
10. Together Again For The Very First Time
11. Funeral While It Lasted
12. To Betray Or Not To Betray
13. The Future Is How
14. Letters Of Transit
15. The Satanic Observers
16. The Sacrificial Stance
17. What's The Etta With You?
18. The Singularity Is Upon Us
19. From One Universe To Another
20. Shining A Satellite On The Problem
21. Don't Cross The Beams
22. Telekinetic Energy
23. Kicking Some Astrid
24. Brave New World
25. The Time Traveler's Strife
26. Support Of Call
27. Biblical Distortions
28. Regeneration X
29. The Nine Lives Of Olivia Dunham
30. Henrietta

Fringe シーズン1 サウンドトラック収録曲

Various Artists


01. Fringe Main Title Theme (Composed by J.J. Abrams)
02. Logan's Run
03. The Bishop Of Essex County
04. Transfusion Triumph
05. Steig On The Run
06. I See Frozen People
07. Waking Strife
08. Why Can't I Be Goo?
09. The Shocking Dead
10. The Chess Club
11. The Equation
12. The Dreamscape
13. The Light Fantastic
14. Gurney For Your Thoughts
15. Masters Of The Multiverse
16. Now That's Just Nicked Up
17. Simultaneous Combustion
18. Sanford And Shunned
19. A Destroyed Life
20. Keeping Up With The Jones
21. There's More Than One Of Everything
22. Connecting The Fringe-Cidents
23. Reiden Out The Storm
24. All Along The Bell Towers

Fringe シーズン2 サウンドトラック収録曲

TV SoundtrackTV Soundtrack
Fringe: Season 2


1. A New Day In The Old Town
2. Good Ol' Charlie
3. The Coma-Naut
4. Hypnotic Suggestions
5. Observers Everywhere Everytime
6. Love And Death On Observer Island
7. What A Gas
8. Forest Of Dreams
9. Where Dunham Fears To Tread
10. The Building Theft
11. The Window Of Opportunity
12. Reiden Out To Madness
13. Doppelganger Up On Reality
14. Breach To The Choir
15. Olivia's Cross To Share
16. Over There
17. The Son Also Rises
18. Devastation Nation
19. Saved By The Belly
20. Haste Makes Wasteland
21. Quibbles And Fits
22. Doubled Over
23. Love In The Time Of Crossing Over
24. Bells And Missiles
25. Give My Regards To Fraudway
26. End Title Theme (Composed by Michael Giacchino)
27. Fringe 85 (Bonus Track) (Composed by J.J. Abrams)
28. Red Russian Down
29. Brown Betty Suite

Fringe サウンドトラック収録曲(シーズン3)

Fringe Season 3Fringe Season 3


1. The Escape From Liberty Island
2. Slow Motion Sickness
3. Newton's Last Mission
4. May The Best World Win
5. Sneaking Sense Of Liberty
6. Hot Brief Injection
7. Capturing The Dunhams
8. Take It To The Tank
9. The Original Dunham
10. I Thought She Was You
11. My So-Called Strife
12. Olivia
13. The Firefly
14. Best Chase Scenario
15. The Observers
16. Reciprocity
17. The Persistence Of Walternate's Vision
18. Imagination Building
19. The House Of Birth
20. Oppenheimer Maneuvers
21. Wwpd
22. Singe And Surge
23. Peter
24. Apocalypse In Judgement
25. As The Crowbar Flies
26. Wake Up And Smell The Catastrophe
27. The Way The World Crumbles
28. Walter Skelter
29. A Universe For A Universe
30. Funeral Pyre Straits
31. The Mourning After
32. We Are A Strange Loop
33. The Vanishing Bishop
34. Fringe Division

Fringe サウンドトラック収録曲(シーズン5)

TV SoundtrackTV Soundtrack
Fringe: Season 5


Fringe (The Mixes) iTunes /Amazon MP3サウンドトラック収録曲
iTunes/Amazon MP3

1.Fringe Main Title Theme
2.Fringe Main Title (80’s Mix From Season 2 Episode 16)
3.Fringe Main Title Theme (The Other Side Mix)
4.Fringe Main Title Theme (Multiverse Mix)
5.Fringe (Piano Version)
6.Fringe Ending Theme
7.Walter Bishop's Inspiration

テーマ : 海外ドラマ

tag : フリンジ FRINGE シーズン4 海外ドラマ サントラ




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